nAble Internal Medicine EMR

Designed for physicians and nurses, nAbleMD Internal Medicine EMR is a specialty specific App with simple and easy to master user interface. Workflow is intuitive and various parts of the chart can be accessed with s single click. Separate workflows for sick, well and follow-up visits offer quick review of patient information and completion of vitals, HPI, history, ROS, physical exam, diagnosis and treatment plans. If immunization is offered, the EMR provides a complete documentation of vaccination schedule and administration. Physician orders of prescriptions, labs, radiology, procedures and recalls automatically become tasks to be completed by the nursing staff. Context sensitive dropdowns, picklists and plan templates assist the physician in completing the chart accurately and completely by simply tapping on the choices or manually entering the information. The App works seamlessly with nAble 4.0c EMR which is web-based and Stage 2 certified (2014 edition) as complete ambulatory EMR for Meaningful Use. Users have the choice to either use the native iPad App or access the patient information via the web-based nAble application, thus providing total mobility, real-time information sharing, and second to none user experience.

How to use

Download the App, the current nAble users sign-in with their clinic name, username and password, and begin using the App after viewing a brief tutorial. The App requires internet access to connect with the back-end nAbleMD database for patient data and clinical information.

Key Features