nAble Kiosk

nAble Kiosk App allows patients of a clinic using the nAble EMR to conveniently provide all their demographics and insurance information, upload an image of their insurance card, agree to any consent forms or clinic policies, and provide complete medical history either from the privacy of their home or while waiting at the clinic. The agreement forms and medical history questions are customizable by each clinic. The Kiosk data goes directly into the nAble EMR, which is reviewed and accepted by the clinic staff. The App has multiple layers of protection to safeguard the patient's privacy. The layout is simple and bold and uses familiar swiping and tapping actions for ease of use by patients, young and old.

How to use

After downloading the App on an iPad, the clinic staff logs in with their nAble EMR account and is guided through the process of setting up the App for use at the clinic. The front office generates a 4 digit pin code from the appointment schedule in the nAble EMR and gives it to the patient to unlock the App, verify their identity by providing the date of birth, and start using the Kiosk. Patients can also download the App on their personal iPad for completing their information prior to arriving at the clinic. They will search the clinic name and use the sign-in information provided to them by the clinic. The App requires internet access to function and connect with the nAble EMR at the clinic.

Key Features